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  • First Class Mountain Lion Hounds
  • 5 Day Hunts
  • Fly into Salt Lake City, Utah

Our mountain lion hunting areas contain hundreds of square miles of prime deer winter range. The big cats follow the deer herds down the mountains providing excellent mountain lion hunting opportunities. I have lived and hunted in this part of Utah all my life, and will do my best to provide you with a quality mountain lion hunt. When I'm not guiding clients, I'm out with my hounds running lions, bobcats and bears just for the fun of it!

Each day will start early searching for fresh lion tracks. Once we cut a big tom's track, we'll unleash our excellent pack of experienced lion hounds and the chase is on! Our lion dogs are world class that can run and catch lions on dry ground or in snow conditions. All our hounds are hand picked from litters that we raise and train ourselves to ensure a high success rate on mountain lions, bobcats and bears. The better physical condition that the hunter is in will go a long way in increasing the success rate of the hunt. If you get your lion early in the hunt, and happen to have a bobcat tag, we'll do our best to catch you one of those too, at no extra charge!

Besides mountain lion hunts, we also offer bear hunts with hounds. Bear hunts take place in the High Sierras of California during October & November each fall. Hunter success has been 100% for the past 4 years, with a giant bruin of 710 lbs. topping the scales for 2008! Accommodations are outfitter wall tents with meals and the bear hunt only costs $2500.00. If you are looking for an exciting, heart pounding bear hunt that you can't do in many parts of the world, then chasing them with hounds might be for you. When turning hounds loose on a bear, you never know if he is going to stop and fight, go straight up a tree, or run for hours on end. Only 20 bear hunters are taken each year, and our repeat clients usually account for half of the hunters. This hound bear hunt books up fast, so if you are interested, please call today!

  • Bobcat and Bear Hunts Available, Too!
  • Utah Draw Lion Hunts & Objective Quota Hunts Available
  • Guaranteed Mountain Lion Tags
  • Only 10 Lion Hunters Taken Each Year
  • 20 Bear Hunters Taken Each Year
  • Utah & California Licensed Guide


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